Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet: Chapter Thirteen

Chapter 13 Tentacles Beneath the Sea “We're going to die!” Otto had rolled back into the cockpit when the nose of the airbus dropped towards the ocean below, and was now screaming in fear from where he had become wedged in beneath Steel's chair. “Shut up, Otto,” said Steel with a

Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet: Chapter Eight

Chapter 8 Dirty Vexa, Crazy Covalent Blonde Vexa piloted her stolen pink aircar into the jungle. She maneuvered carefully through the foliage, keeping a careful eye out for her prey. She didn't like being in the midst of all this...nature. She was a being of metal and circuitry, if one discounted her

Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet: Chapter Seven

Chapter 7 When Worlds Go Boom Five years ago Da'qot was a quiet, peaceful planet. Her people had been starfarers in the recent past, but after traveling to distant worlds and meeting new lifeforms and seeing new civilizations, they retreated back to their homeworld as fast as they could. It was

Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet: Chapter Six

Chapter 6 Race with the Cyborg Princess Tasmin held on for dear life as Covalent Blonde raced the stolen aircar over the treetops. King Zixtik was in the back seat, clacking his pincers in the air fretfully and screaming, “Unable to translate! Unable to translate!” Crabman language was a very intricate set

Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet: Chapter Four

Chapter 4 Hard Ticket to Zaladon IV   The escape pod tumbled through space. Here's the thing about space pirates: They're not an especially fastidious lot. They tend to keep their ship operational, but not necessarily in peak condition. Quite a bit of attention is paid to the guns and the armory, since pirates

Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet! Chapter Three

Chapter 3 Starship Tokers Marc clanged down the hallway in his powered armor, looking for Covalent Blonde. The first time that Balls had made him wear the armor, he was annoyed. He'd argued that Otto didn't have to wear any armor, but of course Otto was a brain encased in a globe that