Commentist Beer Barrel – “tWBS Ruins It for Everybody” Edition

OK, I'm not gonna lie...I really had the best of intentions when I agreed to sit in for makeitsnow this week on the beer barrel. But dammit, I don't have a Lady Snow to keep me honest.  Thusly, I ended up staying up all night last night getting drunk (yes, for

Get to Know a Microbrew!

TEH FOOTY IS OVAH!! Or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Drinking Small.   Well, as they all too often say…that happened.  The most unforgettable Superb Owl that I would give anything to forget came in like a lion, and went out like a reach-around from the Hulk in a

Commentist Beer Barrel: The Golden Goblets

I'll be honest about this: I love awards, and awards shows, and basically anything where various things are declared "the best." A big part of this is that I also love to declare things "the best," and to argue when other people declare the wrong things "the best." I'm excited

Commentist Beer Barrel: Every Puppy Has Its Day

Hello, Commentists! Sorry for my absence these past two weeks, but I was out wandering the woods with Hillary Clinton last week and couldn't find a signal. Did you know she wrestled a grizzly bear out there? Mainstream media won't talk about it. I don't know what they've got against her. Losing can

Commentist Beer Barrel: Welcome To Your Local Brewery

Even in a pretty miserable year—and let's not kid ourselves: this has been, by any measure, a pretty miserable year on the global scale—I've got a lot to be thankful for. Most of all, of course, there's my beautiful fiancée lady snow, to whom I became formally engaged this past

Commentist Beer Barrel: Land of the Rising Suds

Hi kids! It's your friendly neighborhood curate, Reverend Mayhem, subbing in for makeitsnow. He is currently...indisposed. So, let's get right down to it. Today, I am reviewing Hitachino Nest White Ale and Red Rice Ale from Japan. I've noticed this column trends a little heavily toward North American craft beers, with

Commentist Beer Barrel and Open Thread: Draught House Anniversary Party In Review

Come on in, folks. Have a seat at the bar. We're talking beer again today, but we're also talking anything else you want to talk about. We've got a couple of top-25 matchups tonight, with #10 Nebraska at #6 Ohio State and #1 Alabama probably steamrolling the absolute shit out

Commentist Beer Barrel: Damn Hippies

Austin's best annual beer event is happening again today. The Draught House Anniversary Party is the kind of shindig that only a decades-old pub and brewery, with a decades-old pub and brewery's connections, can throw. Every year they roll out a stacked beer list. Everything's a special release or something aged