Commentist Beer Barrel: Teabaggin’

What's happenin', everybody? Low Commander here, filling in back by popular demand for another week in the ol' Beer Barrel! Our Make It Snow went and got all married last week (Congrats, Lady Mrs. Snow!) and I can only assume they are both currently quite inebriated on a beach somewhere,

Commentist Beer Barrel: Shoot to Thrill

Good afternoon, beer coin-a-suers. [DFO's] resident drunk beer reviewer, Make It Snow, is an a lot of something else right now apparently, and as BFC pointed out last week, guest posts are a happenin'. I am your Low Commander of the Super Soldiers, and this week you are stuck with

Back in the Barrel With Ya

Our esteemed alot of beer is out doing life things that may or may not be more important than reviewing beer for imaginary internet friends, so you're stuck with substitute teachers for the next few Beer Barrels. First sub up: ME! Last time I filled in for this column I wasn't

Commentist Beer Barrel: A Moment of Clarity

We haven't talked a lot about imported beers in the Beer Barrel. I know, off the top of my head, that I've written about Czechvar and Chimay Grande Reserve and Kulmbacher Eisbock and Fullers ESB, all of which are exceptionally delicious or have exceptionally interesting stories behind them or both. But for the most part,

Commentist Beer Barrel: From Russia With Care

From the outside, looking in, this beer review might appear to be two weeks late. The reality is that this review is much, much later than that. That's because it's a review of a beer from Jester King Brewery, a farmhouse brewing outfit located in the countryside southwest of Austin, and

Commentist Beer Barrel: Drift Wood

Northwestern is in the tournament! This doesn't have anything to do with the beer I'm reviewing this week, but it's a real fact that I almost can't believe. For the last month and a half they seemed determined to piss away a great start and confirm again one of the funadamental laws of the

Commentist Beer Barrel – “tWBS Ruins It for Everybody” Edition

OK, I'm not gonna lie...I really had the best of intentions when I agreed to sit in for makeitsnow this week on the beer barrel. But dammit, I don't have a Lady Snow to keep me honest.  Thusly, I ended up staying up all night last night getting drunk (yes, for

Get to Know a Microbrew!

TEH FOOTY IS OVAH!! Or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Drinking Small.   Well, as they all too often say…that happened.  The most unforgettable Superb Owl that I would give anything to forget came in like a lion, and went out like a reach-around from the Hulk in a

Commentist Beer Barrel: The Golden Goblets

I'll be honest about this: I love awards, and awards shows, and basically anything where various things are declared "the best." A big part of this is that I also love to declare things "the best," and to argue when other people declare the wrong things "the best." I'm excited