World Cup 2018 Brazil Preview: The Redeem Team

Brazil is a scary, scary team. In the 2014 World Cup, Brazil was in an awkward transition stage where the lost/disgraceful generation of Brazilian players stepped down for the new era of players to take over. Most notably, despite being 22 years old, Brazil became Neymar’s team. This in itself

Historical Badasses: Don Starkell

The glory days of adventuring ended long ago, unfortunately - all the unknown territory of the world has long since all been mapped and travelled. While there may not be any new land masses to discover, though, there's still some pretty damn insane places to travel, though. The Amazon rainforest,

Copa America Centenario Preview – Group B – Brasil (aka, Brazil Plays Futbol)

This is best read with Matty Moyer's voice in mind.  For reference.... Brazil plays soccer. Oh shit...I mean Futbol. Brazilian citizens like soccer. Oh shit...I mean Futbol. Brazil has had a rich tradition in the international soccer (dammit....Futbol!!!!!) world...but not lately as much. Brazil has won 5 World Cup titles (but not since 2002). Brazil