House of Pain: Dabbin’ on Them Sauces No, not that one. Definitely not that one. Even if it is Squidward doing it. This one. This is The Last Dab. Background time! Hot Ones is a webseries hosted by Sean Evans where he asks celebrities questions as they eat progressively spicer chicken wings. The first wing is relatively mild (depending on

House of Pain with Senor Weaselo: Kiss the Curb

Haldo, we're back by not-that-popular demand! I'm still Senor Weaselo, and this is still House of Pain where I eat hot sauces normal sane people probably shouldn't, because I'm neither normal nor sane! Last time I went on about the hot sauce that started this whole shebang many years ago. This time

House of Pain with Senor Weaselo: Origins

We remember our first tastes of things fondly. Our first bite into what becomes our favorite dish. Our first sip of what becomes our favorite new drink. Our first hit of that sweet primo shit that makes you feel… wait a minute. Sorry, I digressed. Um, Senor Weaselo here, Yeah