[DFOnline] Boldly Go…

One of the most anticipated and hyped games in recent memory, No Man's Sky, came out this week for PS4 and PC, with...less than stellar results. While the PS4 version experiences some crashes, some PC gamers can't even get it to start among other things. I've been really tempted to

[DFOnline] Hexy Saturday

Following Sexy Friday, I hereby dub today Hexy Saturday. I know we've got some puzzle enthusiasts here at DFO, so this brain buster is right up that digital alley. Hexcells Infinite is the PED super-boosted cousin of Minesweeper.  This ain't Eli's color-by-numbers.  It has a relatively simple concept, find all the

[DFOnline] Brains Fly Open

I didn't have a chance to check out Dead Island when it originally came out, but it's got a sale and free weekend going on Steam so I figured it was worth a shot. Played a little co-op with my brother. It's quite satisfying to cut a zombie's head off. Might be

[DFOnline] Insert Disc Joke Here

We're Mike Wallace & Gromit, and welcome to DFOnline! Gromit doesn't talk much, so I will be your host for this weekly video game discussion and disc joke playground! JUST HEAD IT INTO THE GOAL HOW FUCKING HARD IS THAT?! That may or may not be an accurate quote from one of