Senor’s BattleBots Beat: Go for 3!

Welcome back to the Beat! Last time out, the Dutch had a rough go, Chomp learned about the foibles of technology, and we met a robot that had a… pneumatic fist as its weapon, and the Internets responded as you'd expect. Fister Roboto Bale Spear does not make an appearance in

Partying in the Underworld

It's a rainy Sunday noonish, and a man with a violin is finishing his teaching for the day. Yes, of course it's Senor Weaselo, who else would it be? Senor: All right, done for the day. Maybe I'll get a bagel and a haircut? His phone starts ringing and popping up on the

2017 Starting Quarterback Songs!

First up, good news. If you don't know by now, being on a football humor site and all, the start of the season is tomorrow! Yes, real football! That means something! Can you believe it? While we've been waiting for real football, my baseball-watching hours (and they are numerous… hey, stop

House of Pain with Senor Weaselo: Kiss the Curb

Haldo, we're back by not-that-popular demand! I'm still Senor Weaselo, and this is still House of Pain where I eat hot sauces normal sane people probably shouldn't, because I'm neither normal nor sane! Last time I went on about the hot sauce that started this whole shebang many years ago. This time