CFL Beat: Week 12

September is almost upon us, which means I'll have to be going back to work soon. Allegedly. Still working on getting that body double stuff all sorted out, but apparently harnessing the power of lightning strikes in an abandoned castle laboratory is much trickier than anticipated. At any rate, at

CFL Beat: Week 11

As we close in closer to the start of the NFL regular season, we'll start to see some roster shakeups happening in the weeks ahead, as offseason NFL signings get released out of training camp and return north of the border, often times to their former CFL teams. This is

CFL Beat: Week 10

We're now approaching the halfway mark of the CFL regular season! With 21 weeks in all thanks to an added third bye week for all teams, the real halfway mark falls somewhere around... uh... next Tuesday or something. I dunno. Close enough. Suffice it to say that since this is

CFL Beat: Week 9

I am still FUMING about the REDBLACKS' loss last week. I'll explain why later on. But FUCK. As maddening and infuriating as blowing a 24-point lead late in the third quarter is, this is, after all, the reason we watch football in the first place. If they do it again,

CFL Beat: Week 8

I'm recovering nicely from the surprise appendectomy that happened midway through last week for me. While it's a bummer to not be allowed to be active as I regularly am throughout the summer, with a stable of bikes and a canoe gently whispering my name, the medical permission I have been

CFL Beat: Week 7

Big week here! Lots of news to talk about! In the interest of brevity (and due to the fact that I've been busy with summer coursework currently), I'll get right to things and jump in with the most obvious thing to kick off this week's column. On Monday, Hamilton traded

CFL Beat: Week 6

The problem with summertime in your twenties is that it seems like every weekend gets booked up with stuff. I've got a wedding to attend this weekend, a family retreat next, and another wedding after that. Whatever happened to sitting on your couch in your underwear, drunk at 4:30 PM

CFL Beat: Week 5

Well, I'm back from vacation... and off on another vacation tomorrow. Isn't summer strenuous for teachers? I barely have time to catch my breath from twelve days of relaxing before I'm forced into three more days of relaxing. It's tough out here! I kid, of course. Despite an excellent trip, I'm

CFL Beat: Week 4

I am on vacation! Things are pretty splendid. I'm hoping next week I won't have to be finishing this column on the morning of publication, but such is life when you've been busy drinking blueberry beer and having fireworks on the beach. Remains to be seen how much of each

CFL Beat: Week 3

As we head into week 3 matchups, I'm going to be headed east to Nova Scotia for another summer holiday; in addition to seeing family and loved ones and consuming copious amounts of beer, seafood and donairs (check out the immaculate conception that is the Halifax-style donair; seriously, you won't

CFL Beat: Week 2

With classes having wrapped up at long last for me, I finally have time to devote to this column! It's just as well - hard to binge-watch this league when you're drowning in emails from kids who are two months late in submitting assignments and still hoping to get above