Hard Knocks Season Premier and Tuesday Night Open Thread.

Hot diggity damn y'all! It's premier night for Hard Knocks on HBO! While many folks will bitch and moan about the repetition, the tired tropes, the year-to-year story lines I am hear to tell you "Who gives a flying fuck?" To me it means football is right around the corner. One way

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: The Omelette: Or how I Stopped worrying and Learned to love to cook.

Good morning folks. Welcome back! The trip to San Diego was a blast and I'm happy to report that my family is all well and happy. I did make it back in time to bring you a new episode of Sunday Gravy although this one is going to be, let's just say interesting.

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Sometimes you just need a steak. And a glass of wine.

Good morning everyone. Welcome back! The brutality of Summer just keeps on trucking doesn't it? Welcome back to part 2 of cooking and preparing a full dinner without activating the oven in your kitchen. Shit. /working title As you recall, last week we conquered this food preparation trick by grilling just about every damn thing. And

Pads are thumping and beers are cracking Tuesday evening open thread

Evening folks! Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday. How's the weather out there? Today's forecast high for the greater Phoenix Metro area was? 116 degrees. One Hundred Sixteen Fucking degrees! Downtown LA was in the 90's and there is an extended excessive heat warning for the next 48 hours. Here on the Coast it's been

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Hide your meat, hide your fruit, they’re grilling everything up in here!

Good morning folks. Hot out there isn't it? Man, fuck summer. Fuck it directly in it's ass. If you're a global warming truther then I don't know how much more anecdotal proof you're going to need to cause you to remove your head from your sweaty rectum and wake up and smell the melting

What’s on Tonight? Nothing! The slowest night of the sports year open thread!

Greetings everyone! The day is here. It has arrived. Today, the day after the MLB All Star game, is officially the slowest sports day in the entire calendar year. Not a single one of the major sports are playing meaningful games. Not one. This is the absolute pinnacle of nothingness, the zenith. The anti-nadir. The nexus

It’s time to feel better! Saturday Evening open Thread

Evening folks! A quick heads-up, Sunday Gravy will be on a one week hiatus due to our extensive coverage of the World Cup. It will return next week. Be sure to get up nice and early tomorrow as our less footy footy experts prepare you for tomorrow's World Cup final between France

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Where we talk about loss.

Good morning everyone. Sunday Gravy is back in it's regular time slot! I thought we would approach things a little bit differently today. Yes, we still will have our usual amount of dick jokes and frivolity but at the same time we will be addressing a difficult issue as well as setting

“It’s going to be an odd week” Monday evening open thread.

Hey folks! Happy Monday evening! This has potential to be a really strange week. I'm working Monday and Tuesday, off on Wednesday for the 4th then working Thursday and Friday. Who the fuck schedules a holiday in the middle of the week? Work will be slow, I think, since the folks who had the

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Request Line! Tortilla Soup.

Good morning everybody! Welcome back. Now that the World Cup has ventured into the knockout rounds it just felt like it was time to pay food homage to one of the remaining participants. For today's menu we offer tribute to MEXICO! El-Tri has been having quite the World Cup after winning their first

I’m surrounded by Lakers fans: Saturday Evening Open Thread.

  banner image courtesy of.   Happy Saturday everyone! Hope it's been a good day for everyone and you were as productive/lazy/shit-all drunk as you hoped to be. I know this is a loung weekend for our Canadian friends which also explains why I am filling in for your regular host Absinthe-Fellow-Rigoberto. Does anyone know why

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Your Fast Food technique is no match for my Southern Style.

Good morning folks! Hope you're enjoying DFO's outstanding coverage of the World Cup. In fact if you were wondering what happened to Sunday Gravy last week, You were wondering weren't you? I let the opening weekend World Cup coverage just do it's damn thing rather than contending with that goddamn beast. Well, that plus