Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet: Chapter Six

Chapter 6 Race with the Cyborg Princess Tasmin held on for dear life as Covalent Blonde raced the stolen aircar over the treetops. King Zixtik was in the back seat, clacking his pincers in the air fretfully and screaming, “Unable to translate! Unable to translate!” Crabman language was a very intricate set

Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet: Chapter Four

Chapter 4 Hard Ticket to Zaladon IV   The escape pod tumbled through space. Here's the thing about space pirates: They're not an especially fastidious lot. They tend to keep their ship operational, but not necessarily in peak condition. Quite a bit of attention is paid to the guns and the armory, since pirates

Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet! Chapter Three

Chapter 3 Starship Tokers Marc clanged down the hallway in his powered armor, looking for Covalent Blonde. The first time that Balls had made him wear the armor, he was annoyed. He'd argued that Otto didn't have to wear any armor, but of course Otto was a brain encased in a globe that

Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet! Chapter Two

Chapter 2 Blonde Fury Twenty minutes ago. Princess Tasmin stepped out from behind the changing screen, wearing nothing but a white cotton shift and silver lace-up sandals. She grinned playfully and held up her wrists, which were bound by the manacles he'd given her earlier. "So what do you think?" she asked. Kell shrugged. "I

Prisoners on the Pleasure Planet! Chapter One

Chapter 1 Battle Amongst the Stars! Gribbl hid in his captain's quarters. It seemed to be the wisest course of action. He had never wanted to be a pirate. In fact, he was heading for a fairly stable career in planet-to-planet cybernetic replacement limb sales when his ship was intercepted by the (late)

Hard Ride To Nowhere: The End

The scene: Outside of the DFO clubhouse. Ballsofsteelandfury is sitting there, next to a brand new red Prius. Otto's Brain comes rolling out of the Iguana Mart across the street and rolls up to Balls. Ballsofsteelandfury: Hey. Otto's Brain (irritated): That cashier is really getting on my nerves. He just stares at

Moosemas in Hell (Part Two)

The scene: The Secret Island of Doktor Zymm! Assorted DFOers, Olympian gods, ninjas and hangers-on are currently in the lab with the Dimensional Energy Retrieval Portal as Zymm programs new coordinates into the computer. Ballsofsteelandfury: were serious, Dok? Moose and the others are really in Hell? Doktor Zymm (punching keys):