Request Line: Holding Out

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY. The PRODUCER is bustling outside the studio, getting everything ready for the show.  A mountainous man sits in the broadcast booth, with a vague smirk on his face. PRODUCER: ...and so you're all set? DONALD PENN: [punches talkback button] Absolutely. PRODUCER: Fantastic.  The commercial break is wrapping up, so

[DFO] Archives: Request Line – The Long Kiss Goodnight

INT.  RECORDING STUDIO - DAY. A young woman in a smart suit and horn-rimmed glasses is bustling around a control board on the exterior of the booth, getting everything set up for the upcoming segment.  Inside the booth, a large dark-haired young man is slumped over the desk.  A PRODUCER holding

Request Line: Get Thee Behind Me

[8:41am, Interior Recording Studio, Miami] The cleaning lady is puttering around, acting like she’s cleaning, as the producer thumbs thru his notes for the day’s schedule. Producer:  Hey Consuela!!!  Remember a few months back when Richie Incognito showed up unexpectedly?  That was fun....right? Consuela:  Producer:  Right????  Well, I'm just glad nothing like that

DFO Radio: He Said She Said

INT.  RECORDING STUDIO - DAY A pair of radio professionals are standing outside the recording booth sipping coffee, awaiting the arrival of the week's guest host.  The [DOOR FLIES OPEN] and a young couple enters the room. PRODUCER: [moves over to greet them] Hey, what's happening, Grimey? BRENT GRIMES: [with a barely detectable measure of

DFO Radio: Some Like It Hot

INT. TRUMP TOWER - DAY. Boxed-in video footage of a conference room.  Several well-dressed men sit around a conference table with their attention focused on a sophisticated middle-aged woman.   NATALIA VESELNITSKAYA: ...and zo you zee, zeeze hacked materials can be of great help to your campaign, da? DONALD TRUMP, JR.: Wow!  This

Request Line: Some Like it HOT

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY. A pair of radio professionals are standing outside the recording booth sipping iced coffee.  An athletic young man is waiting patiently in front of the microphone inside the booth. CONNOR, THE INTERN: So...what did you say his name was, again? PRODUCER: Victor Cruz. CONNOR: Are you SURE it's not Odell

DFO Radio: Hard Carr-ency

INT. SANTA ANA APARTMENT COMPLEX - DAY. A pair of sun-weathered middle-aged men are napping on separate couches.  The room looks like an abandoned pawnshop - every bit of space is filled with cheap electronics, mismatched furniture, rubbish, and grime.  Cockroaches abound. RYAN LEAF: [wakes up with a start] Shit! TODD MARINOVICH: [comes


INT. RECORDING STUDIO – DAY A young man sits inside a recording booth, looking relaxed and happy.  The PRODUCER is outside the booth, punching buttons and counting off with his fingers.  For once, everything seems to be running quite smoothly.   PRODUCER: Good afternoon, and welcome to Request Line!  We are beyond