The BattleBots Beat Midseason Roundtable! And Your Desperado Friday Evening Open Thread

Senor Weaselo: Welcome to the first ever BattleBots Beat midseason roundtable show! I am, as always, your friendly neighborhood Senor Weaselo, and since we've had this two-week midseason break I thought it would be nice to have a discussion about the season so far, and about what might happen in

Senor’s BattleBots Beat: Go for 3!

Welcome back to the Beat! Last time out, the Dutch had a rough go, Chomp learned about the foibles of technology, and we met a robot that had a… pneumatic fist as its weapon, and the Internets responded as you'd expect. Fister Roboto Bale Spear does not make an appearance in

BattleBots Beat: Just How Much Tech Can Be Wrecked?

That's a double meaning in the title, due to my laptop being out of commission. Whoever said "hard drive error," you win! You don't win anything specifically or corporeally, or even my eternal love and admiration and gratitude. Just know that when your Disk Utility notes your S.M.A.R.T. system says