In Search of a Goddess – Episode 12

We rejoin our three (3? Yeah, 3!) heroes as tWBS and balls are pitching their tents (phrasing) at a campsite in Joshua Tree National Park. It's characterized by rugged rock formations and stark desert landscapes. Named for the region’s twisted, bristled Joshua trees, the park straddles the cactus-dotted Colorado Desert and the

In Search of a Goddess – Episode 11

[4:26PM, Somewhere in the California Desert] The duo climbs back into Dave and tWBS starts the engine.  Without speaking, he then reaches into the backseat, opens the cooler and pulls out a beer.  He offers it to balls. balls (pointing to cupholder):  Nah, I'm good.  I've still got that one. tWBS:  One, that

In Search of a Goddess – Episode 10

[6:24pm, Gilbert, Arizona] The two have now spent hours at the golf course eating, drinking and looking at girls and have predictably lost track of time... balls:  I just want to apologize again about being mean to you about golf.  I never knew... balls:  Are all golf courses like this? tWBS: no.  It's

In Search of a Goddess – Episode 9

[7:36pm, Tombstone, Arizona] The sun is about to duck below the horizon and the last of the day's glow is soon destined to follow.  As evening transitions into dusk, our heroes are beginning to feel desperate. Nonetheless, the two continue to search for the only store still open and finally find it. balls: 

In Search of a Goddess – Episode 8

[7:32am, Nogales, Arizona] The duo climbs into the Truck Formerly Known as "Dave".  tWBS throws up in his mouth a little as he buckles his seat belt. balls:  You OK? tWBS:  I can do this....I can do this. balls turns the key, but nothing happens. balls:  Oh shit.  What else did they screw up? tWBS:  No,

In Search of a Goddess – Episode 7c

Editor's Note:  Welcome to the 3rd and final installment of NOGALES WEEK!!!!!!  Yeah, yeah, don't worry....this is it.  Well at least for Nogales, anyway.  Next week, balls and tWBS start fucking shit up in Arizona.  Now that's something you don't want to miss.  Well, maybe you do...but go here if

In Search of a Goddess – Episode 7b

Editor's Note:  Welcome to the second installment of the glorious NOGALES WEEK!!!  (crickets chirping) ...  Yeah well, anyway... Fair warning, if you haven't begun reading this insanity before now, or even if you're just not fully caught up, trust me this is not the jumping in point.  Holee Molee.  Go

In Search of a Goddess – Episode 7a

Editors' Note:  Welcome to Nogales Week!!  This week's installment is so big, yummy, and delicious (phrasing) that it will be spread out over the entire week.  Feel free to tell us about your drunken/drug-fueled escapades in Nogales (or any other border town) in the comments!  Enjoy the ride... [8:54am, Interior of

Boots on the Ground: NASCAR Auto Club 400

As many of you know, I was born in Mexico.  Therefore,  I'm obligated to love auto racing. Them's the rules. You may or may not also know that I love me some NASCAR.  Unfortunately,  I've never been to a live race.  Until this weekend. I have a buddy at work that

In Search of a Goddess – Episode 6

Editor's Note:  I HIGHLY recommend that you take some sort of...substance... before reading this.  It gets...weird. Other Editor's Note:  Way ahead of you.  And you think it's just now getting weird?  Maybe I write about some stuff up YOUR ass next time.  And now you got me tripping on acid? 

Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – Round 1, 2017

Have I mentioned that one of my favorite things about this league is that it constantly surprises you? This week, we congratulate the Adelaide Crows women on winning the Premiership, we recap Round 1, look forward to Round 2, and update the standings of our Footy Tipping Contest. All this and more on Welcome to Balls of