Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Cevapcici! We’re going Balkan Crazy!

Good morning all! Happy Easter to those who observe, Happy Passover to those who observe and Happy Zombie Jesus and All Heathen's Feast Day to the rest of us. That doesn't mean we're doing an Easter dinner Sunday Gravy today. Remember the one week delay rule? If you want to drool over an Easter dinner

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Request Line. Bolognese – for Scotchy!

Happy Sunday Everyone! Welcome to another edition of Sunday Gravy, where I, hopefully, engage, encourage and impress with my epicurean talents and tantalizing recipes. Or some such shit. Again, this recipe was via a very solid request from our own Scotchnaut on one of the Saturday morning open threads. He requested, I complied.

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Road Trip – New Mexico!

Good morning folks! Here we are again. I thought what might be an interesting idea for a menu would be to focus on a region as opposed to a specific recipe. Today we will be taking a look at the cuisine of New Mexico, a state that is equal parts beautiful and

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: The Annual Irish Spectacular!

Good morning all! Welcome back. As has now become tradition, today I will be bringing you the 4th iteration of Sunday Gravy Saint Patrick's Day dinner. Yep, we've done this fucker before. Remember back? The first episode was the traditional Irish/American Saint Patrick's Day feast. The second year we made a traditional Irish stew. Along

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Blackened Chicken Alfredo. Oh My!

Good morning everyone! Welcome back to Sunday Gravy. I feel I have a little making up to do after subjecting you to last week's menu of "shit on a shingle." I'm mostly joking because there were some great parts to that meal, yet still I thought you regular readers needed something special. A

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Request Line! The one where we….uhh. Yeah.

Good morning all! Welcome back. That's quite the sexy, intriguing, "anything-is-possible" image up there isn't it? Isn't it? Try this one on for size instead. A little better? Shit, man! Work with me here. How would one actually approach the concept of recipe writing for...well, "Shit on a Shingle?" I know, right? Somewhere over the past few weeks, forgive

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Flatbreads Part 2. Let’s play Some Jazz!

Good morning all! Welcome back to Sunday Gravy. Today we have part 2 of our venture into the world of homemade flatbreads. Last week we covered the basics to help you get started making your own homemade flatbread. We created a nice basic margherita style flatbread pizza like this. Absolutely delicious and from start

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Perfecting Flatbread – Part 1. The Basics.

Good morning everyone! I've got a regular goddamn ding-dang doozy of a recipe for you. I shit you negative! In all honesty it feels like my entire existence has been a precursor just for this moment. I was born solely to bring this into your life. It is my raison d'être. This fucker is

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Egg Foo Young and the art of Retro Chinese Food.

Good morning all! Welcome back to Sunday Gravy for yet another trip in the way-back machine. I've been cleaning out my "retro meals" recipe cabinet and am filling in the blanks on those that I may have inadvertently missed until now. I'm of the opinion that if you have a hand written

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Chicken Ala King. I just had to.

Good morning and Happy Sunday everyone! Here we are right in the middle of a lovely mid Winter three day weekend. A truly beautiful thing is happening this week, by this time next Sunday EVERY MLB team will have every player in camp for Spring Training. Except possibly Harper and Machado. I got

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Season Premier! Chicken Ala King (Hippo)

Well hello! There we fucking are! Welcome back folks, welcome back. It's time to do that damn thing again. It's time for another season of Sunday Gravy! The weekly feature where I get to cook, experiment, report and write down the results. Can't wait. The good news is I will be helping

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: After School Special! The Biggol’ Pre-Superb Owl Chili Post!

Howdy everyone! It's been awhile hasn't it? While all of you have been busy watching the games, gambling maniacally and consuming vats of frosty adult beverages I've been working away in the Sunday Gravy test kitchen in anticipation of another season of Sunday Gravy! This isn't technically the start of the