Your “THIS IS NOT A DRILL!-The Redux” Thursday Night Football Open Thread

Although his powers of evil are completely capable of making it happen, not even RGshithead (that's Roger Goodell) would cancel six games.  Right? (my glass is half full btw) So here we are-cheering for football itself, our fave teams and most importantly, NO INJURIES. This is who we are, folks.

Tao Te Cutler – Ch. 20

Tao Te Cutler

Chapter 20 Cease learning the playbook, no more cares Cheers and Boo's They are the same Elite and bad play They are the same What the people fear, I cannot care There is no limit to all of this The fans cheer As if enjoying a great feast As if going to the playoffs is thier work I alone am quiet and

Tao Te Cutler – Ch. 2

Folks may think that the Cat Man is not one with the Tao. But I ask you this. Why does he win? The Bears are better off losing for a better spot rather than finish in the middle of the pack. The Bears have to win out in hopes to

Tao Te Cutler – Ch. 69

Week 11 is over. Teams have won and lost. Whistles were blown and so were some calls. Remember those who fight the Tao ate only fighting themselves. As the days close into Thanksgiving remember we have still a lot to learn from a man so in touch with the Tao

Tao Te Cutler – Ch. 68

This week we had a lot of head scratches. Arizona showed they have mastered themselves by turning the ball over 3 times and still walking away with a road victory. The Texans showed that once you have nothing left to lose you have the whole world to gain. And I

Tao Te Cutler – Ch. 56

Tao Te Cutler

Thursday Night Games are notoriously boring and frustrating. So we must all calm our minds before we weather the storm. A play in prevent defense is better than a series of hurry up offense. Todays Teachings of the Tao Te Cutler Chapter 56 Those who know do not turn into sportscasters Those who become

Tao Te Cutler – Ch. 3

Tao Te Cutler

People mistake the soft-spoken cat as a man who does not care about the world in which he lives in. While some see this as a mark of an arrogant passionless man, others know who he is. A wise man who should be studied. Jay Cutler does not care, because Jay