LA Football Report – Week 2

It's never too early to laugh at the NFL. I will, over the course of the season, chronicle the experience of the LA football fan and compare/contrast the performance of LA's real teams (USC and UCLA) versus those money-grubbing assholes trying to "Fight for LA" (RAMMIT and Shitty Clippers). Here is

On Politics, Trump, and why the Patriots are a perfect reflection of Trump’s America

We here on this fair site have a deep deep hatred for the Patriots.  Their “success” and the reaction of their fanbase to this success has fed the hate and kept it at a nice even temperature long enough to smoke all the cattle in Texas. In a similar vein, the

25 Questions About….

This: So, you may have heard the news that the Zodiac Killer or someone on his staff "liked" a tweet from @SexuallPosts which contained a porn video. I, your intrepid investigative reporter,  tracked down the video and watched the whole thing.  You may have.... Questions. 1- Is it a rhetorical question to ask