Let’s Take a Field Trip!

Banner image via some random ass site Scene: A large industrial footprint that, come on, you can read the banner image, right? Clearly we're at a recycling facility. Let's say it's north of New York for proximity to the NFL offices and because where exactly doesn't matter. It's fiction, just suspend

Your “Ugh, Wasn’t 2017 The Worst?!” Black Monday Evening Open Thread

Hey 2017, So, let's see how 2018 is unfold--    Dammit! It hasn't even been a whole day yet! NFL Notes: Friday announcements: Seahawks CB Justin Coleman wasn't fined for his leap into the Sally Ann kettle during the Hawks-Cowboys game last week. Davante Adams signed a 4-year, $58 million extension with the Packers.

Your “All About That (In)Action, Boss!”” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Tracy Porter has been waived by the Bears. Backup QB news: Matt McGloin has been signed by the Eagles T.J. Yates has been signed by the Bills. The Bills also signed Ian Seau, the undrafted free-agent nephew of Junior and proof the Spanos family wouldn't know a good PR

Post Season Plans

From: HeavyPettine@browns.com Sent: Sunday, December 6, 2015 10:06 PM To: <2015 NFL Coaches> Subject: Cruise Gentlemen- Found a cruise on Groupon I'm gonna take in the offseason. If anyone's interested in going, looks like a lot fun and a great way to unwind from a long season. 4 nights in the Bahamas; leaves 1/9/16 from Miami. -Mike From: HeadCoach2@titans.com Sent: Sunday, December 6,