Your “What Is Truth?” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: LOL Browns! reports LB Mychal Kendricks has signed a one-year contract with the Browns. PFT reports Mychal Kendricks has not signed a one-year contract with the Browns. And Kendricks himself has this to say: Zach Miller, he of the "OH GOD...NO!! **barfs**" knee injury, has been re-signed


INT. CLEVELAND BROWNS BOARD ROOM, WEEK 14 -- 6:25 A.M. Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta knocks once and enters through the doorway. The room is occupied but eerily quiet for a Thursday morning. His coworkers, General Manager Sashi Brown and Coach Hue Jackson, quietly greet DePodesta as he grabs a chair between

“Oh, the Misery Continues!”: Browns at the Bye

(That was an actual quote by Sam Rosen during Jets-Browns. It was not a power-play goal.) Oh, speak to me, o Muse… because you're still mad at me for invoking you for the preview of this god-forsaken excuse of a sports team. I said I was sorry, can we edit that

Down by the Lakeside

INT. FIRST ENERGY STADIUM PRESS ROOM A group of reporters fill the chairs before an empty speakers table. Members of the Browns press corps are somberly discussing the game and comparing notes for their morning columns  They hush themselves and begin turning on their recording devices and scribbling on their notepads as Browns Coach