Black Panthers at the 2018 Bye

What can one really say after three weeks?  I thought we might see a pretty ordinary bunch of Charlatans, and they have pretty much...held serve.  A dull home win over the Cowpokes, followed by a road loss inside Megatron's Butthole (ewwwww), capped by a fairly decent home win against the

2017 Carolina Panthers Horrible Preview

Or should that be "2017 Horrible Carolina Panthers Preview"? Yes, that seems more apropos. Sooooooo, two years removed from almost running the regular season table, an NFC Championship and a (disappointing) Superb Owl appearance, are the Panthers going to suck again this year? Yes.  Yes they are.  And here's why... - 2015 Carolina Panthers -

Panthers at the Bye

You just know that PK had the article all drafted, about how much of a mistake it was to give Cam Newton all that guaranteed money. How he'd obviously go "soft" without the contract to play for. Welllll...WOMP WOMP Superman is indeed Superman after all. 4-0 even mostly

2015 Carolina Panthers – Watch Cam Run For His Life (Redux)

I grew up in Charlotte, and though it's too antiseptic a locale to really be sentimental about, I certainly did find it pretty cool when my hometown landed an NFL franchise.  Even if it cheesily had to be named "Carolina" to appease team owner/Missouri Compromise enthusiast Jerry Richardson - make no