Your “Seventh Heaven – Game Seven!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

But not in the bad-touchy Dad-from-7th-Heaven kind of way. NFL News: The NFL has named Alberto Riveron the new Head of Officiating. Technically the senior vice president of officiating, he fills the role vacated by former officiating head Dean Blandino. Riveron, the NFL's first Hispanic referee, was elevated to referee in 2008. In

Your Sunday Funday Evening Open Thread

Lebron's through to the second round, so the NBA is happy. The Blackhawks are not, so Gary Bettman - who is sad -  now has to scramble to find matchups that will appeal to NBC, and all that makes me happy. The Bruins just lost to the Senators, who will now

Your “Okay, NOW the Browns Are On The Clock!” Thursday Evening Open Thread

It's seven days until the Draft. NFL News: Season schedules are scheduled for release at 8:00PM ET today. Chargers - Broncos is rumoured to be the late-Monday Night game. On the QB unemployment line: TIME has named Colin Kaepernick one of its 100 Influential People of 2017, despite him being interesting

Your “Well, That’s That” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Deciding to celebrate his recent breakup with entendres, Aaron Rodgers has decided the Packers are more flexible with extra tight-ends. "I think we're going to have a lot more flexibility in that package," he said. Pretty-boy skipped the visit to the White House, because either snubbing tyrants is

Your “Easter Sunday? Who Made the Ham?” Evening Open Thread

So, I was raised in a fundamentalist Baptist household. Here's what Easter meant to people who handed out Jack Chick books: Air tight! Religion sure kept my relatives from getting cancers - says the guy down to one parent and an aunt. That's why I make sure the nieces always get candy, because