2017 Quotables — Week 8 Results

Ball already across the line? Touchdown Seahawks!

SCENE: Deep in the #Content mines of DFO, a group of trained monkeys--I mean DFO writers--are shackled to their typewriters. Someone gave tWBS a laptop once, and after that, no one was issued a wifi-enabled device ever again. Quietly, nearly imperceptibly, YEAHRIGHT and SHOGUN MARCUS begin whispering to each other,

A Brief Liturgical Interlude

[Scene: Interior of a Temple in Bristol, Connecticut. Eight large men are gathered in the first two rows, speaking reverently in hushed tones.] Nate Ebner: Good Yontiv, boys! Mark Herzlich: Gmar Tov, and I hope everyone is having an easy fast. Good Yontiv. Geoff Schwartz: Thanks to everyone for coming today. As you