Commentist Beer Barrel: Let’s Have A Lager!

Happy Super Bowl Saturday! My sympathies to the vast majority of you whose team won't be playing tomorrow, but the consolation match is, I think, a pretty exciting matchup with some real offensive firepower on both sides, and you don't get that every year. I, for one, tend to drink a

Oscars 2017: I’m Sorry, I Don’t Know Anything About La La Land

I told myself I was going to try to keep my Oscar posts a little shorter this year. So far, well... Here are your 2017 Academy Award nominees! BEST PICTURE Arrival Fences Hacksaw Ridge Hell or High Water Hidden Figures La La Land Lion Manchester by the Sea Moonlight I'm behind on my top-of-ticket viewing so far this year, having seen

Commentist Beer Barrel: Every Puppy Has Its Day

Hello, Commentists! Sorry for my absence these past two weeks, but I was out wandering the woods with Hillary Clinton last week and couldn't find a signal. Did you know she wrestled a grizzly bear out there? Mainstream media won't talk about it. I don't know what they've got against her. Losing can

Commentist Beer Barrel: Damn Hippies

Austin's best annual beer event is happening again today. The Draught House Anniversary Party is the kind of shindig that only a decades-old pub and brewery, with a decades-old pub and brewery's connections, can throw. Every year they roll out a stacked beer list. Everything's a special release or something aged

Commentist Beer Barrel: One Mint Julep

I was a little sick last week, so both the Beer Barrel and my actual drinking were somewhat abbreviated, and this review is going up very, very late. But better late than never, right? Right? If you'd prefer never, please don't tell me. Let's talk about beer instead. Avery Brewing in Boulder,

Commentist Beer Barrel: Alternatives

This year's Oktoberfest opened in Bavaria just about two weeks ago. Most of Oktoberfest every year takes place in September, just like you'd expect, and it coincides nicely with the start of fall in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere that aren't the burning hellscape of Central Texas. Here, daily highs