Your ‘Til Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: The window is starting to close for the Eagles now that they are talking a long-term extension for Carson Wentz. Much like how Russell Wilson's pay raise ended things for the Seahawks, this only gives the Eagles a couple more years before they have to start shedding salary. Derek

DFO Radio: Milestones

So I'm back here in Los Angeles after spending the weekend in Austin, and even though the temperature is about the same, the reduction in humidity is making it infinitely more bearable.  Austin is nice, but I don't know how anybody can suffer though that Texas heat for an entire

Your “Well – Look At That?!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Another big day here at [DFO]. This morning's missive, "Get To Know A Microbrew!" was the site's 2500th post.   THAT'S GOOD HUSTLE! To reflect back, DFO's first post was from Internet Dad on March 11, 2015. The appropriate title? "A Place For Your Dick Jokes". The entire post is just the title and