Instant Reaction to New Chicago Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy

Banner Image Via NBC Sports Yesterday, the Chicago Bears announced the hiring of erstwhile Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Matt Nagy as the 16th head coach in franchise history. GM Ryan Pace, recent recipient of a largely undeserved 2 year contract extension, worked harder than Ernie Accorsi in picking a winner

To Bear Down or Not To Bear Down

That is the question. At the risk of stating the obvious, football is awesome. The hitting, the strategy, the fresh grass underfoot as your team of choice takes the field in that late summer warmth--they all fill you with excitement, anticipation, and joy. Yet there is a key ingredient required to

Fans in the Woods: 2015 Chicago Bears Preview

A perfect encapsulation of how this franchise fucks itself

2015 DFO Chicago Bears Preview A Conversation Between Cuntler and BrettFavresColonoscopy, moderated by Jeff Joniak Jeff Joniak: Hey there, sports fans, welcome to the first ever Chicago Bears preview on Door Flies Open!  I’m Jeff Joniak, voice of the Chicago Bears while you’re tailgating or at home and need to listen to