“Well, That Was Penultimate” – a Walking Dead Recap

Well, the stage is (somewhat) set for the finale. This episode felt like a compilation episode. There were three distinct plot points, and the episode devoted equal time to each, sorting them out by the end and making it clear where things are heading into Week 16. And just like a

“Trudging Along Towards War” – A Walking Dead Recap

So just when I think this show is running downhill, I come to the realization that I've set my bar too high. This week's episode was a continuation of events from three episodes back, when Eugene announced he's Team Negan & Negan killed the Sanctuary's doctor. But it starts at Hilltop,

“That’s More Like It!” – A Walking Dead Recap

Finally, A good episode of "The Walking Dead". So good, in fact, that I'm using a special to indicate such. Last week, in the comments to the recap of “Rick & Michonne’s Romantic Getaway”, JustStopDude made the prescient observation that "If you just removed the zombie element from the show…this show would have been

“As The Apocalypse Turns” – A “The Walking Dead” Review

Just so we're clear: Sorry not sorry there was no review of last week's episode. I was busy. Boy howdy - a lot of websites sure liked last night's episode. I'm not sure how I feel. Visually, it was stunning. Plotwise it felt like another Herschel's farm episode, but in three locations. Okay,

“How R Babbies Maid?” – Individual Complaints to the FCC About The Walking Dead

As expected, people complained about the season premiere of "The Walking Dead". Specifically, about this: Also about Negan's flowery language, but mostly the violence. I am actually kind of shocked, because normally it is nudity that sends the prudes scurrying to their keyboards. The stereotype of American gun culture being what it's