NFL Coaching Carousel Special

That's a funny word.  Carousel.  Seriously, look at it, it's weird.... Carousel. Meh.  Whatever. Coaches be gettin' fired.  Coaches be gettin' rumored.  Let's get up to date, Shall we? Carousel?  CAROUSEL!!!!!! No Hard feelings guys, but GTFO. - Who's Out? LA Rams - Jeff Fisher - Here, have a contract extension.....PSYCHE!!!!!!  Bye Jeff.         Jacksonville Jaguras - Gus Bradley -

Quotables Week 14 Submissions – The “tWBS breaks the internet” version

Seriously, if I don't have a stroke or accidentally put norad on defcon1 before this is over, it will be a minor miracle. tWBS steals gifs from many places.  He has always found comfort with this dynamic. Now he has to learn to make them......???? /re-reads email with instructions sent from blax to