Commentist Beer Barrel: Drift Wood

Northwestern is in the tournament! This doesn't have anything to do with the beer I'm reviewing this week, but it's a real fact that I almost can't believe. For the last month and a half they seemed determined to piss away a great start and confirm again one of the funadamental laws of the

Commentist Beer Barrel: Let’s Have A Lager!

Happy Super Bowl Saturday! My sympathies to the vast majority of you whose team won't be playing tomorrow, but the consolation match is, I think, a pretty exciting matchup with some real offensive firepower on both sides, and you don't get that every year. I, for one, tend to drink a

Commentist Beer Barrel: One Mint Julep

I was a little sick last week, so both the Beer Barrel and my actual drinking were somewhat abbreviated, and this review is going up very, very late. But better late than never, right? Right? If you'd prefer never, please don't tell me. Let's talk about beer instead. Avery Brewing in Boulder,

Commentist Beer Barrel: On the Value of Changing Your Mind

"We'll be last brewery in the US to use aluminum cans," Lagunitas founder Tony Maguire tweeted in 2012. Maguire was shocked by the excesses of the aluminum industry, an earth-destroying enterprise preying on developing economies and potentially displacing good, sustainable, silica-based manufacturing of glass beer vessels. Or that's what it