BFC’s Fantasy Sleepers

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THE FOOTBALL SEASON IS NIGH! YAAAAAAAAAAY! And with it, fantasy football also starts in earnest. Our very own TrollSoHardUniversity has been tackling fantasy and legal questions like Joe Mixon takes down restaurant patrons, and he will continue to do that throughout the season, until he gets bored, sued, or until Cuntler

No Ones 2017 – Texans Preview

There is a phenomenon you may have heard of called the Mandela Effect. This is the scariest thing you will find on the internet and the more you think about it the more you will be for internet censorship to keep these people away from each other. The internet has

25 Questions…

ahem... Wheres My Theme Music? Life is like playing for the Hurricanes, here on This Blog Footballs, laserfaces,  Jets fail, it's a damn blog Might watch a miss field goal, or write about aliens in history! 25 Questions (woo oo) Thursday Duchess is out there making, 25 Questions (woo oo) Questions of daring-do anal and pop Culture Questions (woo