Joe and Troy At the Superb Owl

When we last left our dismal duo, Joe was lamenting the entirety of the state of Wisconsin. Troy was Eggman. Standard Operating Procedure in other words. As it turns out FOX gets the Superb Owl this year, so once again unto the breach go our beloved broadcasting team. Let's see

Better Know A Mythic Figure: GMesis

Species Name: GMesis Shivathal (rhymes with Nemesis AND Genesis). However NONE EVER LOOK LIKE HER. But we view them as so due to their magical powers. Individual Names: Balkeballtarkomous (extinct), Joneszilla (unkillable owner hybrid), Slingbladeus (um...incriminating evidence?), Grigsonelle (extinct) From: Boardroom Scarface binges, Dartboard throws, "Hey he knows the owner!" Descended from/Spawned by: Unclear. Nepotism helps

Joe and Troy: A Viewpoint

(Based on somewhat accurate reports.) America's Game of the Weak! Welcome to this sea of unwashed, drunken hobbits. I am here, despite my pleas, alongside this braindead troll. So Troy where do you think you are this time? I MUST KILL BATMAN! I'm sorry folks it seems Troy thinks he's still King Tut.

The Best 69 to All of You

1/9/2017 I don't say much about me or mine. It's not interesting to me, until I talk about it, at which point everyone says "YOU SHOULD SAY SOMETHING!" ok...fine. Here goes. My dad was born 1/9, back in 1948. That makes him 69. So what. Except from the number and all that