Infinite Nets Week 4: A More Finite Nets

Good Lord Hello and welcome to the new format of Infinite Nets. We're going to a weekly recap as opposed to a daily version. Why are we doing a weekly recap? Because, hell man, I can watch every game, but I sure as hell can't come up with compelling content for

Infinite Nets Game 10: On Tanking

This is a bit of a manifesto The Nets are taking on the 76ers, and as it will be for at least the next several years, this means that I will be forced to remember and evaluate Sam Hinke's infamous "Process" and the very idea of tanking. To be clear, Sam

Infinite Nets Game 9: My Perimeter Is Breached

Mom, you've really got to stop that shit. My little cocoon has been invaded. Contrary to popular opinion, these Nets have not driven me to insanity yet. For eight beautiful games, they've actually kept me occupied. My writing has had a focus as opposed to my getting bored with a novel

Infinite Nets Game 7: After Game Rant

Hello My Honey, Hello My Baby, Hello My Ragtime Gal Of course. Of fucking course they did. I had just gotten done talking my ass off about how the Nets weren't that bad. I swore they were legit. The trash Knicks fans at my office would have to watch them for

Infinite Nets Game Game 6: The Impossible Dream

Maybe I can keep this up for 82 games. We're six games in the books for the Brooklyn Nets season, and I'm going strong in the 2-4 campaign. I should explain something, way back when I came up with the idea for this column, I was going to game by game,

Infinite Nets Game 5: LOL. You Tried

Mmmm. That's what I came here for.  It'd be a waste of a column if they were good. Well, that's not fair. The Nets were good tonight. For almost the whole game, even. I wasn't sold what was advertised in my mind when I dreamed up the idea of following Brooklyn.

Infinite Nets Game 4: Taking On The Champs

Four games in, and I'm crazed as a shithouse rat.  I'm back home, in the chaos and anxiety of the metro area, where everything makes so much more sense. I've had four days to think about the team since their loss in Indiana. For whatever reason, I am comfortable with the

Infinite Nets Game 1: Starved For Attention

Let's do this at the height of our intelligence. I don't come here to drag the Brooklyn Nets. I come in the name of creating content, and to do so I require a gimmick. For too long have I been freelancing without my very own safety net, so in this home