Infinite Nets Week 22: The Playoffs Begin

Not officially I'm hitting the wall. I'd cruised though the winter, happy to have something to keep myself occupied through those cold, black nights. Sure the Nets games largely coincide with my rambunctious daughter's waning moments, rendering me into both an inattentive fan and father. That putrid combination of giving both

Infinite Nets Week 21: Brain Melt

If you can't stand the heat, shut the fuck up When I was 23 years old, I'd moved to Florida with vague ambitions. The 2004 vote was coming up, and I'd doubtlessly join the cause to help the Democrats take back the election. But mostly, I was just going to blow

Infinite Nets Week 19: Hello Again

This season is still going? I've hit the wall. Following the team as closely as I have has gone more smoothly than I could have imagined when I'd thought up this column back in July, but they've played 61 games and I believe I've watched 58 (or at least a sizable

Infinite Nets Week 18: All Star Week

As God is my witness, there was nothing that I could have done, honey. It's a short week. The Nets entered it having lost all of their rhythm with Spencer Dinwiddie, however they were getting other players back, and the break was coming. Like a fighter waiting for the bell, they

Infinite Nets Week 17: Getting Back To Full Strength

Alright, we've got Caris back and are playing the Bulls. No way this doesn't work out. The Nets started the week down a few key players and ended it with a few of them back. However they also fell back a game in the win loss column. I guess I'll take

Infinite Nets Week 16: Chaos

God, Jared Goff fucking blows. There are no free lunches. I had been handed a car, a prehistoric 2004 Toyota Prius that allows me the freedom to leave the city, and the promise of better summers, so long as I can keep it running. But even free cars come with their

Infinite Nets Week 15: A New York Centric Week

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day, everybody.  Wait, is that right? Can you have a Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day, or is that crass? I'm not selling mattresses here. Do I have to go with Solemn Martin Luther King Jr Day? Is it all too soon? This is going horribly. Hey everybody,

Infinite Nets Week 14: The Good Kind of Karma.

This team is above .500? The Nets played the Celtics on Monday. This seems like a rerun from last week, but I checked. It was a different game. They met up in Brooklyn this time, so that's a change of pace. Also, they won. Much better start to the week in

Infinite Nets Week 13: Rough Waters

Man those guys really love romcoms. I've gone viral, only none none of you guys really know it. That's fine. On January 2nd, I'd posted a brief opinion piece on The Irony of Fate. It's a Russian movie, so unless you are well versed in their history, every single reference will go

Infinite Nets Week 12: Revenge Week

God those Pelican and Grizzlies losses earlier this year sucked. To be a fan in 2019 is to consider yourself an expert. The experience of following either a team or a sport will inevitably force the viewer to not only believe, but to loudly proclaim to friends and complete strangers over

Infinite Nets Week 11: My Neighborhood Is Killing Me

This blog has to be about something more than simply recapping the Brooklyn Nets. I'm going to have to move. Not out of the city itself, or even the borough, but further away from the trendy, downtown adjacent realm where I live right now. And as much as I try to

Infinite Nets Week 10: Busting Ass Before Christmas

I've been taking you for granted. It's partly my nature. Ask my wife or ex-girlfriends. Or my employers. The cycle never breaks. In the beginning I will step in to a new project/relationship/environment/habit with the work ethic of a completely earnest Amish man. I become ill with the thought of