CFL Beat: Week 5

Sports are nowhere near as much of a shitshow as the Republican National Convention is this week. Thank you, Cleveland, for containing almost all of the backwards dipshittery of this continent to a few square miles on the banks of the Cuyahoga. On that note, I still feel like the

Tebow At The Convention

Tim Tebow was rumored to be a featured speaker at the Republican National Convention this week in Cleveland. Alas, Tebow himself shot down the idea, telling reporters he never agreed to speak at the convention and was not supporting Donald Trump or any other presidential candidate. While that seemed to

Haslam Shrugged

The doorbell was ringing like an alarm, In a long, demanding scream, broken by the impatient stabs of someone's frantic finger. Leaping out of bed, Joe Thomas noticed the cold, pale sunlight of late morning and a clock on a distant spire marking the hour of ten. He had lifted weights

Johnny Highball: A Browns Post-Bye Week

So the Browns, despite being a consensus bottom-two team in the NFL this season, are back in the headlines. Sure, a few impressive McCown performances brought positive press to the team early in the season but, by the time they took their Week 11 bye, the 2-8 Factory had all but punched

In Which We Rank Athletes From Other Sports At Their Potential Ability to Play Football

OK, Thursday night. REAL LIFE ACTUAL HONEST-TO-GOD PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL THAT'S NOT THE CFL. Less than 12 hours until all our hopes and dreams are fulfilled from now until the end of February! However, in the meantime until the pissed-off Patriots run roughshod tonight over a Steelers team missing key contributors in