Hope Clicks Eternal – The Divisional Round

The four Divisional Round games gave us plenty to chew on. https://twitter.com/AtlantaFalcons/status/952340777883009024 The Falcons getting beat wasn't all that surprising. Still, it engendered two types of reaction: A) It's the new guy's fault, B) The refs are against us. Of course, being Twitter, there's always that one crazy person. Titans fans, however, knew what to expect. https://twitter.com/Titans/status/952401210694422528

Hope Clicks Eternal – The Wildcard Round

Before I go onto the seething that emerged this weekend, allow me to reflect back on what occured while I was enjoying Christmas break https://twitter.com/Ravens/status/947632999516065792 Wildcard weekend, brought to you by my friends at makers of    and The Wildcard weekend did not disappoint. It started with Andy Reid remembering in the second half that he

Hope Clicks Eternal – The Kansas City Chiefs

Now, I have to admit, it would be relatively easy to have done the Giants again. Soon-to-be-ex-coach McAdoo lit NYC twitter aflame with his decision to bench Eli just to see what he has in Geno Smith (nothing) and Davis Webb (whiteness). And GODDAMN! did Twitter respond So much so, in

Your “Is It Too Early To Make Room For Seconds?” Thanksgiving Eve Open Thread

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4tf9Q83ERg As in life, a light menu this evening, in anticipation of the big feast tomorrow.   NFL News: Josh Gordon was officially back at Browns practice today. So, I guess we're no longer talking about 0-16? Driving even ardent Christians to pray for a meteor, Donald Trump & LaVar Ball continued their

Hope Clicks Eternal – The Miami Dolphins

As I was driving home from Seattle after a sad-assed performance by the Shithawks in losing to the [Redacteds], I was listening to the Raiders - Dolphins game on the radio. As I listened to the announcers describe down after down of Jay Cutler getting knocked down, I thought to