“It’s All Gone Wrong, Pete & John” – The Seahawks Try To Bolster Their Lines (Part 6): Draft Night (Part 2)

Ext. The Seahawks draft room, Renton, WA. Previously: John Schneider and Pete Carroll are arguing over TV channels when John Schneider decides he's had enough and makes a surprising phone call.... A frightened intern hands John Schneider a telephone while Pete Carroll retreats to speak with the head of security. Pete Carroll: (whispering

Pete Carroll Goes Over the Gameplan

Saturday morning, 10:30 AM, Residence Inn Charlotte Uptown, Charlotte, NC Pete Carroll: All right fellas, let’s get the show on the road. Make sure you load up your plates before the fine people at this Marriott property take all the food away. [on his wrist, Pete Carroll’s Fitbit registers “NFL +1”] Jon Ryan: (through