Your Tuesday “There’s No Early Kontent Scheduled So I’m Doing This” Daytime Open Thread

The post-season hangover, both literal and figurative, continues. This post is not meant to be "good", per se.  No Pulitzer nominees are in danger, let's say it that way.  But as we shift to the off-season, we might need to talk about it. P*ts fans specifically, I know you're disappointed.  But get

Your “What Blessings The Gods Have Bestowed Upon Us” Monday Open Thread

/opens browser     I didn't know Holocaust equivalencies were such an integral part of the Massachusetts curriculum. Really, I could go on. Such unbridled, unrepentant, undiluted yet deluded hate; it really could only come from the world's most "oppressed" "nation" of sports "fans". It was what I needed on a Monday morning. I may never