Your Saturday Evening Open Thread

Last Saturday, I introduced you to the venerable Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver's finest concert venue. In the comments, a question was asked - "Hey Beerguy, why you no mention any Canadian bands you saw there?" Well, the short answer is that I usually went to the Commodore for visiting acts. There

Your “Come Down & Waste Away With Me” Saturday Evening Open Thread Hello, new Commentists. I'm Beerguyrob, I post the odd article from time-to-time, and I usually have something to do with non-gameday Open Threads. During the week I tend to keep things focused on football, although I like to throw my History degree into the mix once in a while, and sometimes

Your “There Was Something I Forgot To Say” Saturday Evening Open Thread If you are receiving this, it means the blizzard has finally stopped & I can get out of the house. Doing more food deliveries tonight; last week was sadly uneventful, so I'm hoping for something interesting. Tonight's sports: Olympics: NBC | 8:00PM - Bobsled, Figure Skating Gala NBCSN 7:00PM - Curling (Women's Gold

Your “I Feel The Beat Tonight” Saturday Evening Open thread There's actually a very good chance I'm delivering Greek food tonight. I'll let you know if I serve the hookers again. Also, I saw Black Panther on Friday afternoon. I highly recommend it. A great stand-alone film. Everyone talks about it being an empowering film for African-Americans; what most reviews minimize