Brunch at The Edgewater

Six Seven Restaurant & Lounge, 8:47 am, January 11th, 2017 John Schneider: ...So I'm telling Traci, look, we really did expect to be in the playoffs this year. That I didn't make us plans for MLK Day isn't me neglecting the boys. Pete Carroll: Yeah, family is weird. Complain that you're working or complain that you're

A 12’s In Search of Answers

Bee Bee Bah Bah Do Dah Dee Dee Dada Duhduhduh Q: With the St Louis Rams (6-8) defeating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football, are my Seattle Seahawks (8-5) a lock for the playoffs? A: Not quite yet. Like this cookie, there is a little more left to do. Yum. Cookies are

What The F*** Is Wrong With The Seahawks?

So the Seattle Seahawks blew yet another 4th-quarter lead in spectacular fashion yesterday, at home against the Carolina Panthers, dropping them to a very ugly 2-4. This team looks nothing like the Super Bowl contender of last season; the offence is dishevelled, the defense is confused, and overall, there's no