Football is Family 2

INT. BIDWILL RESIDENCE, THANKSGIVING DAY An unconventional Thanksgiving fare sits untouched on the kitchen counter. Presented on silver platters and crystal serving dishes, the stuffed turkey is replaced with a whole roasted pig. The sides are not typical bowls of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green beans. Rather, the accompaniments are bowls of

Football is Family

INT. A COLORADO CABIN, THANKSGIVING DAY A family gathers around an ornate Thanksgiving feast. The matriarch sets the rolls on table and calls on her husband to turn off the game and come join everyone at the table. He clicks the remote, mumbling that the Lions weren't going to be a match

Your “Y’know, In The Rest of the World It’s Just ‘Thursday'” Thanksgiving Night Game Open Thread

Please, allow me to extend to you some traditional Canadian US-Thanksgiving hospitality. Have a slice. Maybe make a small plate and take it into your den, because I hope you've got room for one more game. Your old pal Roger has gifted you the Steelers & Colts. YINZERS & HUMPS, BAY-BEE! News of

Start Or Sit (On Your Face): The DFO Fantasy/Sex Mailbag

Mmmm. Tryptophan. A hell of a drug. Hope everybody enjoyed their Thanksgivings yesterday, and kept the hand-to-hand combat to a minimum between yesterday's family gatherings and today's moronic Black Friday deals! Anyways, enough shoehorning topical #content into the intro. We need to talk essentials here. My takeaways from yesterday's matchups: Chip