Your “I Swore I Would Be True” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Big Daddy Drew is alive. So let's relive it again. Plus, he's got opinions on the next Giants head coach. Mike Mularkey is OUT as Titans coach. The rumour is Josh McDaniels, and a probable fine for not observing the Rooney Rule. Working in the Titans favour is

Your “Ugh, Wasn’t 2017 The Worst?!” Black Monday Evening Open Thread

Hey 2017, So, let's see how 2018 is unfold--    Dammit! It hasn't even been a whole day yet! NFL Notes: Friday announcements: Seahawks CB Justin Coleman wasn't fined for his leap into the Sally Ann kettle during the Hawks-Cowboys game last week. Davante Adams signed a 4-year, $58 million extension with the Packers.