Infinite Nets Week 13: Rough Waters

Man those guys really love romcoms. I've gone viral, only none none of you guys really know it. That's fine. On January 2nd, I'd posted a brief opinion piece on The Irony of Fate. It's a Russian movie, so unless you are well versed in their history, every single reference will go

Infinite Nets Week 12: Revenge Week

God those Pelican and Grizzlies losses earlier this year sucked. To be a fan in 2019 is to consider yourself an expert. The experience of following either a team or a sport will inevitably force the viewer to not only believe, but to loudly proclaim to friends and complete strangers over

Let’s Talk about The Irony of Fate

Happy New Years, Jabronis. ***Editors note: I realize this is the 2nd of January, and not in fact, the 1st. I'd written this to go up on Jan 1, but I got started on it late- about 1pm on Jan 1, and I decided to take a minute to, you know,