Infinite Nets Week 24: Turn it over My daddy caught me smoking those cigarettes this year. And he made me smoke the whole pack in front of him and everybody, until I'd vomited and forgotten how to feel the sensation. This is all a melodramatic metaphor, of course. But what does it mean? It means that it's baseball season

Infinite Nets Week Week 23: Fading I can no longer speak about this team with any level of intelligence. That is both a combination of several factors. One is that I feel as though I've felt every emotion, and said everything that could be said from my perspective, as this team has fluctuated in between sloppy

Infinite Nets Week 22: The Playoffs Begin

Not officially I'm hitting the wall. I'd cruised though the winter, happy to have something to keep myself occupied through those cold, black nights. Sure the Nets games largely coincide with my rambunctious daughter's waning moments, rendering me into both an inattentive fan and father. That putrid combination of giving both