BFC’s Fantasy Sleepers

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THE FOOTBALL SEASON IS NIGH! YAAAAAAAAAAY! And with it, fantasy football also starts in earnest. Our very own TrollSoHardUniversity has been tackling fantasy and legal questions like Joe Mixon takes down restaurant patrons, and he will continue to do that throughout the season, until he gets bored, sued, or until Cuntler

Making Ezekiel: Your [DFO] Law and Fantasy Football Mailbag

By far the most common question submitted this week was about where you should take Ezekiel Elliot in your upcoming drafts.  The second most common question submitted was if it is ethically proper to take Zeke in the draft.   I'll take the second question first:  If you want to

YA BETTA SUE SOMEBODAYYYY: Your [DFO] Law and Fantasy Football Mailbag

Nazis! Suspensions! Nuclear War! Trades! What a week for questions about law and fantasy football!  Unsurprisingly, most of your law questions were about our Ululating Sack Of Wet FartsDear Leader and the legal ramifications of his relentless drive to make this world an even more terrible place than it already

Executing Jameis: Your DFO Legal and Fantasy Football Mailbag

ALL RISE! The DFO Mailbag of Law and Fantasy Football is Now In Session (please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the page). Greetings Dick Joke Enthusiasts.  It's your old pal TrollSoHardUniversity.  As some of you know, I'm licensed attorney and a fantasy football mastermind.    Last January, I came

Your “Yay! Bad Things DO Happen To Bad People” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The opening of the new joint Rams and Chargers stadium in Inglewood, Calif., has been delayed until 2020. Unexpected rainfall this winter has slowed work on site excavation & foundation preparation. Per the L.A. Times, water at times stood up to 12 to 15 feet deep from

Your “Season-Ending Injury-Free/Tom Coughlin Walks Into The Sunset And A Lot Of Glass Doors” New York Giants Season Preview

Before we start with the latest incarnation of the Giants we should all pour out a bag of oats for the old gray mare that isn't what he used to be. Tom Coughlin limped away last year at the behest of head office and tens of thousands of fans despite

Start Or Sit (On Your Face): The DFO Fantasy/Sex Mailbag

As excited as I am for this weekend's games, no matter how you slice and dice it, there's going to be a nuclear-level amount of hot takes to be floating around the web come Monday morning. I can see them now already, and I'm dreading it: If the Panthers lose: "CAM

Christmas Eve Afternoon Waste of Our Time

I mean, what do YOU really want to do? Spend time with your family? Pffff... We've got two JV bowl games today. For starters, we've got the Bahamas Bowl, between the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders, and the Western Michigan Broncos. The only bowl game to be (currently) played in another