Enough Decorum: The Sports That Are Total SH*T

The club fútbol season is almost done and my TV says there are no EPL games today. However, the Bundesliga wraps up today, but the halftime ceremony at Bayern Munich featured Jerome Boateng with glasses, wearing a Nehru blazer. Plus, yesterday Derby County defeated Shad Khan's and litre_coUla's Fulham 1-0

Lionel Messi: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! (Part 107)

Messi received a nasty, teeth-loosening elbow on the first half of el clásico at Real Madrid. He had to change the jersey because it was bloody, and came on holding a gauze in his mouth. Several minutes later, this happened: Messi breaks through Real's defense for the 1-1 (via BeIn Sports) On the