BOLTMAN GROUP Presents: The Sounds of X-Mas Night Open Thread

NIGHT – SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – NONDESCRIPT OFFICE BUILDING INTERIOR [The camera pans across an empty and dimly lit office brimming with cubicals as free-use holiday music plays softly in the background. The camera stops on the only illuminated desk, where an extremely pale but handsome young man in a Santa hat

Two Ears, One Mouth and All–DFO Mailbag Submissions

Thanks to those who participated in the debut edition of Mouth Flies Open, the don't-call-it-a-sequel revamped reboot of the DFO Advice Mailbag.  We had some great questions, some meh questions, and some hopefully entertaining if not-cranked-all-the-way-to-eleven-illuminating advice. The only way this advice column works is with audience participation--from DFOers, your friends,

Your “In No Way Was This Prepped Before The Weekend” Christmas Day Open Thread Any errors in coverage are simply a result of Roger Goodell seeking to ruin my preparation in favour of the Patriots. Game Previews: Pittsburgh at Houston - 4:30PM | NBC / NFLN / TSN The Steelers will have spent the weekend hoping the Bills can pull off some kind of miracle and beat

Your DFO Christmas Morning Open Thread

Good morning Commentists. It's your old pal Beerguy here this morning. Since the majority of us are nogging it up this morning, until the rest of the family awakens/arrives, consensus was that we create a Christmas playlist, to get us through the day. Feel free to include Christmas songs, holiday