Your “Superb Owl Weekend” Friday Evening Open Thread

That banner image....  That is one Superb Owl, right?  RIGHT??????? Here, have another... Hehehehe....that one always makes me laugh.  And I needed a good laugh right now. /sighs heavily I've had a disheartening and exhausting couple of days recently.  Some of you know why.  Better I don't talk about it publicly. So let's just get

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Draft Morning After Pill

Special April edition!  With Lamar! looking like a very confused, out-of-place Notre Dame mascot imitator.  And #ThePauls being #ThePauls.  Thank heavenly Jeebus Tittyfuck for that. So let's start with the losers of Round 1.  Snap judgments, since we obviously ain't seen these cats play at the NFL level, and I'm still

Your “Why Would He Want To Leave?” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Looking to prevent him developing an itch to scratch, Alabama put academics to the fore and gave Nick Saban an extension through 2024, raising the amount they're paying him to $65 million over the life of the deal. That includes a $4 million signing bonus for 2017, taking his

Your “Daddy Doesn’t Understand It” Monday Evening Open Thread

NHL News: The second-round starts Wednesday with the Western conference matchups, Nashville at St. Louis and Edmonton at Anaheim. NBC is pinning its ratings on Washington-Pittsburgh, putting them in primetime on the weekend. Ottawa-New York & Nashville-St. Louis get the afternoons.      Because of the time zones involved, the Edmonton-Anaheim series

Your “All About That (In)Action, Boss!”” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Tracy Porter has been waived by the Bears. Backup QB news: Matt McGloin has been signed by the Eagles T.J. Yates has been signed by the Bills. The Bills also signed Ian Seau, the undrafted free-agent nephew of Junior and proof the Spanos family wouldn't know a good PR

Your “Welcome To Day 3 – Bargaining With Bargaining” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Hi, my name's Beerguy, and I'd like to talk with you about the future. Super Bowl LI(cked) is in the book, so it's time to start looking forward to next season. If you're like me, your team didn't win, and that's okay. It's okay because your team has learned from its mistakes,