Your Funday Sunday Evening Open Thread It's a nice time of year up in Vancouver. It's not exactly sunny all the time, but it occasionally does stop raining. The proximity of the local ski hills means that after they are closed, I can drive up to the base & take the dogs along the trails for

Your “Golf Leafs Golf” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Stealing from Crimebeat! 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster has been officially charged with one felony for domestic violence with aggravated bodily harm, another felony for forcefully attempting to prevent the victim from reporting the crime, and a third felony for possessing an assault weapon. Foster is also charged with a

The Commissioner Calls a Meeting

Banner Image via   Thank you all for coming on such short notice. With the conference championships upon us this weekend, this meeting had to happen at once. I think we all know that this has been an extraordinarily exciting post-season. Comebacks and rallies and heartbreak and a quarterback throwing a touchdown

Your “Easter Sunday? Who Made the Ham?” Evening Open Thread

So, I was raised in a fundamentalist Baptist household. Here's what Easter meant to people who handed out Jack Chick books: Air tight! Religion sure kept my relatives from getting cancers - says the guy down to one parent and an aunt. That's why I make sure the nieces always get candy, because