Other Reasons Jon Gruden Will Cut a Player

Photo Credit: NBC Sports As our own Mr. Weasel pointed out last night, Jon Gruden cut* Raiders punter Marquette King for either a desire to avoid personal foul penalties (a category the Raiders tend to finish high in no matter who their punter is), to send a message that showboating (or

The Wins of Winter (Part 2)

It didn't seem possible that a ball thrown thirty yards in the air could land so softly. But it did, nestling into Coby's outstretched hands as he crossed the goal line. He felt the safety's hand slap haplessly against his left shoulder, and let out a scream of triumph.  He

The Wins of Winter (Part 1)

Snow. In Oakland. Unbelievable. "You know nothing, Weather Underground," thought Coby Fleener as he watched the snowflakes float down into the Coliseum. Coby had seen his share of cold days growing up in Joliet, and later in Indianapolis, but he'd never seen snow fall from the sky near San Francisco Bay. He'd never

How to Relate to Your Fans

It's not standard policy around [DFO] to just post other's media creations to our page and then try to pass it off as original #content. However, it would have been a desolate post to write, "Did you see that photo on the Raiders Instagram? Boy, talk about a shirt that speaks to every

Out With A Wimper: The Final Oakland Raiders Preview

Ok, settle down. Yes, yes -- it's the Raiders. The pre-LA rendition of the post-LA version of the west coast's most punchline of a sports franchise. If their population were white, Oakland would be cutting in on Cleveland's national exposure as the most suffering fan base. The team that inspired such characters