Your “Late Sunday Game, Yes You Have to Watch” NFL-ish SNF Open Thread

How's THAT for a freaking title?  Short....sort of.  To the point....mostly.  I was pretty impressed. Apparently I was the only one.  OK. How'd I end up here tonight, typey typey-ing?  Waxing neither syphilitic.....errrrrr philosophic, nor poetic...bcuz I iz stupid n junk....but like seriously, how'd I end up here? SCOTCHNAUT!!!!!!!!!!! already knew the answer. 

Sunday Night FOOTBAW!! Game Thread – Week 7, 2016

Hey, doesn't that feature pic make you want to cheer FOAR the SeaTruthers, nanobubbles and all? Seattle at Arizona (8:30, NBC) After a dominant Monday Night win over the Jest, Arizona is 2-4 and thinking just maybe they can make a run at 10-6 or 11-5 and be that hot, dangerous wild

Late Night DAK! vs. Hoyer Country Game Thread

Well...who ya got? Unlike any QB ever before him, nor any QB who will ever come after, DAK! has an affinity for his mother. That has to give him an edge, unless it has made him kind of a sissy ,, no ofence. The Bears...continue to shit in the woods AND