Your “Mo’ MAC, Mo’ Problems” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

I didn't get my book read last night.  Shocking, I know. I probably won't get to it today/tonight either.  Mostly because I suck and am easily distracted... Also, you guys are too damned funny to resist sometimes.  Peer Pressure!!!!! - We've Got Some NFL Stuff To Talk About First and foremost, fuck you Spanos, Goodell

“MAC n Cheese Is All You Get Tonight” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

There's no football tonight, of course.  Well, at least not the varsity variety. Barely the JV variety either, unless you're a MAC fan... But we'll get to that later. Besides, tonight I plan to try and ignore sports and finally try (again) to finish some reading I've been trying to finish for far

Your “Shut Up Liver, You’re Fine” Saturday Evening Open Thread & Broadcast Maps

Lotsa JV Footy earlier today. Lotsa JV Footy later tonight. Lotsa Varsity Footy Tomorrow. I dunno about you, but my liver never recovered from last weekend.  And now here we are again. But screw it.  Together, we can muddle thru it. (sorry, I was talking to my beer again) - Speaking of the Varsity Footy varietals, here

Your “We’re Barely Halfway There, Don’t Wuss Out, Keep On Drankin'” Late Afternoon Games Thread

Things got started early today in London.  The Ratbirds missed their wake up call, however.  Yeeeeesh. But we're at the day's halfway point finally.  What's on tap this late afternoon?   Seattle at Tennessee (4:05pmEDT, FOX) I like the Titans and Mariota in this one.  Take Tennessee and give the 2 points.  Plus, as

2017 Carolina Panthers Horrible Preview

Or should that be "2017 Horrible Carolina Panthers Preview"? Yes, that seems more apropos. Sooooooo, two years removed from almost running the regular season table, an NFC Championship and a (disappointing) Superb Owl appearance, are the Panthers going to suck again this year? Yes.  Yes they are.  And here's why... - 2015 Carolina Panthers -