The Great Fozz Migration: Part I. Stress is My Master

My wife and I have been married for 18 years. For 17 of those we lived in the same townhouse. Entropy sucks. We were going to move several times, but the vagaries of the economy and my attitude, which resulted in getting canned and fucking up our income, prevented us

Ravens Bye Week

So we enter into the 8th week of the NFL season and the Ravens are...I'm not too sure of what we are. Lamar Jackson's an MVP! No, he's a running back! No, he needs to learn how to pass! Good Christ I'm fucking tired of how every second of every day

Boots on the Ground: Extreme Rules Wrestling in Mobtown

Why would a grown man, with a job, and children purchase and wear a gigantic sparkly belt and wear it over one shoulder like a barbarian wearing a wolf’s pelt? Because he is attending a professional wrestling event in Baltimore. And because I am standing behind him with my two sons

Through The Eyes of an Irritating Gosling

I have access to a bunch of movie apps and I am amazed at the selection of movies. I’m also amazed how many of them suck ass. I’ll be reviewing them as I see fit. Warning, most of these are going to suck. And you will disagree. And I won’t

Summer: The Season of Murder, Decay, and Warm Beer

My calendar tells me that summer is coming and other events I’m looking forward to, including “Testicle Scraping”, “Trepanning with a Sharp Stone”, and “Prostrate Exam at Local Prison.” Summer is a shit time of year. In Baltimore, summer means three H’s: hazy, hot, and humid. It also brings the three M’s: