Boots on the Ground: Extreme Rules Wrestling in Mobtown

Why would a grown man, with a job, and children purchase and wear a gigantic sparkly belt and wear it over one shoulder like a barbarian wearing a wolf’s pelt? Because he is attending a professional wrestling event in Baltimore. And because I am standing behind him with my two sons

Through The Eyes of an Irritating Gosling

I have access to a bunch of movie apps and I am amazed at the selection of movies. I’m also amazed how many of them suck ass. I’ll be reviewing them as I see fit. Warning, most of these are going to suck. And you will disagree. And I won’t

Summer: The Season of Murder, Decay, and Warm Beer

My calendar tells me that summer is coming and other events I’m looking forward to, including “Testicle Scraping”, “Trepanning with a Sharp Stone”, and “Prostrate Exam at Local Prison.” Summer is a shit time of year. In Baltimore, summer means three H’s: hazy, hot, and humid. It also brings the three M’s:

Mornings are for Lunatic Bastards

There is no such thing as a good morning. The only response to “good morning” is a kick to the throat followed by shoving a pair of ivory handled stilettos into the speaker’s guts. Mornings eat shit. And I hate them. I am a complete night person. I get a second