Your “Ugh – Two (More) Weeks of that ‘PATS NATION!!’ Garbage?” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The most exciting Superb Owl week news so far is that Jim Tomsula has been hired by the [Redacteds] as their new D-line coach. the hobo has come home! I hope Big Daddy Drew keeps the "lifehacks" going. Dan Snyder is relieved he now has someone he can pay in

Your “Early Christmas Wishes, You Magnificent Bastards” Wednesday Open Thread

NFL News: Richard Sherman got caught threatening a reporter's access after a contentious interview on the Seahawks flagship station Tuesday. "I'll make sure you don't get your media pass anymore," Sherman said. The best reaction was in the Deadspin comments: "Finally, Richard Sherman admits to pass interference." What will probably happen

“How R Babbies Maid?” – Individual Complaints to the FCC About The Walking Dead

As expected, people complained about the season premiere of "The Walking Dead". Specifically, about this: Also about Negan's flowery language, but mostly the violence. I am actually kind of shocked, because normally it is nudity that sends the prudes scurrying to their keyboards. The stereotype of American gun culture being what it's

Your “You Call This A Blitz, Goodell?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

(Many, many thanks to Low Commander for the photoshop) NFL News: The London games have been announced for the 2017 NFL schedule. So much for continuing the "special relationship": (Week; Date; Visiting Team vs. Home Team; Site) 3 or 4; 9/24/17 or 10/1/17; Baltimore Ravens vs. Jacksonville Jaguars; Wembley Stadium 3