Enough Decorum: The Sports That Are Total SH*T

The club fútbol season is almost done and my TV says there are no EPL games today. However, the Bundesliga wraps up today, but the halftime ceremony at Bayern Munich featured Jerome Boateng with glasses, wearing a Nehru blazer. Plus, yesterday Derby County defeated Shad Khan's and litre_coUla's Fulham 1-0

Secular Saturday Fútbol AM Thread

For Catholics, today is Good Saturday. To get the religious stuff out of the way: “The Young Pope" was hokey, but interesting. And what an intro! All times Central. Yeah. Listen, I got a two-day vacation going, so please accept my start-time guesses. LA LIGA Athletic Bilbao (13th) vs. Celta Vigo (10th) - 9:15

AM Fútbol Open Thread with Special Guest

Editor’s Note: Three weeks ago, doorfliesopen.com parlayed a, how do you call it… Replica: exchanged an accurate replica of a Super Bowl LII media access lanyard for an interview with Quincy Jones. Attorneys for the legendary producer and arranger sent an “intent to sue” letter, to which the crack DFO visual