Your “Holy Sh*tsnacks Batman…No Football?” Saturday Evening Open Thread

Nope, no football tonight.  More or less. OK, calm down, don't cry.  There actually is if you want it badly enough. The FCS quarterfinals do continue tonight with the #16 Kennesaw State Owls facing the #5 Sam Houston State BearKats.  But that's on ESPN3 though (8:30pmEST), so I say screw that game. 

Your “Shut Up Liver, You’re Fine” Saturday Evening Open Thread & Broadcast Maps

Lotsa JV Footy earlier today. Lotsa JV Footy later tonight. Lotsa Varsity Footy Tomorrow. I dunno about you, but my liver never recovered from last weekend.  And now here we are again. But screw it.  Together, we can muddle thru it. (sorry, I was talking to my beer again) - Speaking of the Varsity Footy varietals, here